Cast iron wok pan with handles (36cm)


You can use this large cast iron wok pan on any heat source and in any environment. Indoor in your kitchen and outdoor above a fire or directly in hot burning coals. Cast iron has a very good heat distribution and the material will keep its warmth longer. Once the cast iron wok is burned in, it impresses with its excellent non-stick properties.


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How to use your cast iron wok pan

Before it’s first use it is important to clean the oil of the wok pan. This oil is there to prevent rust. In order to do this you should wash the wok with hot boiling water and some washing-up liquid. Thoroughly dry the pan after.

It is important to add some sort of fat, grease or oil before you start cooking and heat up the pan.

It is highly recommended to use cooking gloves when the pan is hot.

It is advisable to thoroughly clean the cast iron pan with warm water after use and then dry it thoroughly to prevent rusting.

To ensure its lifespan, it is also advisable to regularly grease the cast iron wok pan with wax.